I learned about Android and smart phones from my nephew. Wow, these things are neat! The links page has some sites I found useful when learning Java for Android. The apps on this website are my explorations of the capabilities of these devices. If you find the apps useful, give them a good rating on the Google Play Store, tell your friends, let me know.


These apps have no ads in them. Some developers use ads to collect revenue. Would you draw graffiti over an oil painting you just made? If you appreciate the effort involved in creating these apps, please spend a dollar and purchase one in the Google Play Store.


Big Data is everywhere. These apps don't send your personal information anywhere. Some data is stored on your phone, and maybe your ISP or wireless carrier collects personal information. I collect no information from these apps. Here's what information is used:


Your location is used for navigation, and a "breadcrumb" track is written in a file stored on your phone. This file can be uploaded to a web site if you wish to record your rides. You can erase these files from your phone using a file utility. If you use Strava, CycleBike asks permission to write the file to your account. None of your account information is read. You can revoke this permission from your Strava account settings.

Up in the Sky

Your approximate location is used to calculate satellite orbits. This location data is stored on the phone and can be erased through the phone's Settings menu item "clear app data". The camera is used to capture a background photo to overlay the satellite positions. This image is recorded on the phone for sharing purposes. It can be erased with a file utility. The Internet links and satellite orbit updates use mobile data only when given permission to prevent excess charges.

Bike Smart Drive Smart

No permissions are needed and no personal data is stored in the app.


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Tom Driscoll