Totally-free, hands-free navigation app for biking those organized century rides



Cycle-Bike is a nifty hands-free navigation app that uses GPS to follow a specified route. You can follow routes from "RideWithGPS", Strava,, BikeRouteToaster, GPSies, MapMyRide and others loaded onto your Android phone.

Upload .fit or .tcx activity file to MapMyRide, Strava, RidewithGPS, etc

The scrolling display features

  • turn arrows
  • street name
  • distance to the next turn
  • bearing to the next way point

A ride computer shows

  • distance
  • speed
  • ride time

Get this app before you miss a turn on that next century ride.

Translations in French, German, Italian & Spanish.


  • No ads, pop-up windows, or web-links to clutter up your precious screen real-estate.
  • No disabled features, or limited access; this app is totally free for life.


  • Auto-scrolling as each way point is reached.
  • Large, bright text to quickly read the next turn.
  • Visible warning as each way point approaches.
  • Don't fumble with your GPS as you're trying to ride.
  • Give up on those printed route sheets in 9-point font, that get wet, torn, and lost.