Creating a Navigation Route

How do I create a navigation route? Some possibilities: the organizers of an event may have the GPS route available to download. You can copy an existing route from a variety of web-sites, or create your own. Here is a brief survey of some web-sites that let you create or edit a GPS route.

Tool                  Creating route
            Editing     names  turns
MapMyRide    good; auto-follow roads   okay          no   via CB         
Strava             poor; slow to auto-routeslow           no   via CB   good; auto-follow roads   okay          no   via CB
GPSies            okay. No bike paths         can't drag   no   via CB
gpsPrune        none                                  awkward    no   via CB
RidewithGPS  good; auto-follow roads   good          yes   yes  

You create a route with these "Tools" by clicking points on a map along the desired path. Some of the tools will auto-route from one click to the next click following roads, and/or bike paths. Some of the tools indicate which roads have bike lanes, or low-volume car traffic suitable for cycling.

Once the Route has been created, you will want to make changes or correct the auto-routing. Usually this is done by dragging a section of the route.

It is useful to have cue-sheet entries for the street name and direction of the turn. Some Tools generate these automatically, others require you to manually type in these notes.

The Tools have different output file formats like .gpx or .tcx. The only files I've found that offer any advantage for CycleBike are the .tcx files from RidewithGPS because they contain the street names and turn directions. The .gpx Route files from RidewithGPS also contain cue sheet entries, but no intermediate Track-points.