Navigation terminology

Track-Point, Way-Point, Course-Point, Route-Point, argh! Segment, Route, Course, Track, what do they all mean? Different web-sites mean different things unfortunately.

In CycleBike a Track-point is just a bare latitude/longitude number that the route crosses, for example 37.778790/-122.389313. The equator has latitude 0 degrees, the North Pole is 90 degrees, and the South Pole is -90 degrees. Zero degrees longitude passes through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England by definition. Negative longitude is west of that point and positive longitude is east until 180 degrees.

In CycleBike a Way-Point has more information, such as a turn direction at an intersection, the name of the road to follow at the intersection, or another note indicating a point of interest for example. (Some file types label these Way-Points as CoursePoint or RoutePoint).

Another situation that occurs in a collection of Track-Points is a higher density, or cluster. This may indicate a change in direction, like an unmarked turn or intersection. CycleBike anaylzes the file and calls these Track Point Clusters (TPC)