What sensors can I use with CycleBike+?

CycleBike+ is certified by ANT Wireless, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc., to work with ANT+ sensors having the following product logos:

Compatible ANT+ sensors

Compatible ANT+ sensors

In general Garmin ANT+ sensors are compatible. A complete list of compatible sensors can be found at the CycleBike+ page on thisisant.com:

CycleBike+ @ thisisant.com

I like the sensors that don't require a magnet to sense cadence or speed. Too often the magnet gets knocked out of position, or the sensor hits the wheel spokes. I've broken several Garmin combined speed-cadence sensors. The "arm" for the wheel sensor is too easily broken. Both Garmin and Wahoo have these "magnet-less sensors. The Wahoo heart-rate monitors seem to give a higher reading than other sensors.


Other proprietary ANT sensors (without the "+") like those from Polar, Sports Instruments may not work with CycleBike