Why I won't include left-right power balance display in CycleBike Smart

So, spent a lot of time planning the layout for new data available from Powertap's new P1 pedals. Measuring left and right pedals separately opens up possibilities like power balance, efficiency, smoothness, etc, etc.

But, three reasons to ignore this data.

  1. I think this would be a great distraction and unsafe for cycling. CycleBike is carefully designed to be hands-free. There are no "alarms" that beep and demand your attention. Everything starts automatically. I think cyclists should keep their eyes on the road 99.5% of the time and be nervous the other 0.5%. Lately, at least in the SF Bay area, commute traffic has even invaded neighborhood streets with all their smartphone traffic-apps. Bike paths are congested with joggers, dog-walkers and, yes, high-speed bicycle commuters. Having more data on the CycleBike Smart display would be too dangerous.
  2. CycleBike series of apps are mainly for navigation. Yes, having cadence, heart-rate and power data is nice, but not essential and worth risky behavior.
  3. Any cyclist that want to analyze detailed power data will use a Garmin or other expensive app that already has all that capability.
  4. It would be a lot of work.

So, CycleBike Smart will read power data from both sides of a distributed power sensor and display and record total power, but nothing more.