Unihertz Atom as a bike computer

Looking for a new bike computer as the Unihertz Jelly temporarily died in wet weather. It has since recovered.

Found the Unihertz Atom on a Kickstarter. It has a tiny 240 x 432 pixel screen, a Octa Core 2GHz processor, 4GB ROM / 64G RAM running Android 8.1. I put a 32 G SD card in. More specs here. The battery is twice as big as the Jelly. I used the Atom on a 3 hour ride (with screen brightness at minimum) and the battery still had 50% charge left. This is comparable to other Android phones I've used for CycleBike Smart. The GPS uses both Navstar satellites and GLONASS, and it has A-GPS that uses cell or WiFi to update the almanac and ephemeris of the satellites to get a location quickly.


Unihertz Atom showing the rugged waterproof case


The display is the same small size as the Jelly, but CycleBike looks great


I screwed a replacement Garmin plug on the back to use an out-front Garmin mount


Showing the Unihertz Atom mounted on the bike with a Bar Fly mount