It's a full sky. Point your phone or tablet skyward and learn what's in orbit.



The sky is crowded with more than 2,000 satellites. With "Up in the Sky" you can quickly and easily explore what's out there and discover what each satellite does. Are you being watched? Where's my DirectTV satellite? Where's the ISS Space Station now?

With the free version you can identify satellites that provide TV, XM Radio, and weather data.

With the 99¢ version you can also identify and learn about:

  • Russian and Chinese military satellites

  • Earth science satellites

  • Space science satellites

  • Amateur radio satellites

  • Communication satellites and more

Up in the Sky is intended as an educational tool, designed to help spark greater interest about this unseen but critical part of today's world. With a point and view augmented-reality graphical interface, the user can easily explore the satellites overhead. A screen touch of a satellite's image pops open a page with a brief description and a link for more detailed information.

Other features include:

  • Up to date orbit information

  • Searchable satellite database of over 2000 satellites

  • Real time research mode viewing with pan and zoom

  • Filter satellite display by category

  • Links to Internet sites full of satellite information