GPS Satellites

Geosynchronous satellites Inmarsat-3F1, Inmarsat-3F2, Inmarsat-3F3, Inmarsat-3F4, Inmarsat-3F5, Artemis, Anik F1R, Galaxy 15, Inmarsat-4F2, Inmarsat-4F3, GSAT 8, GSAT 10, GSAT 15, and Luch 5A and weather satellites MTSat-1R (Himawari-6) and MTSAT-2 (Himawari-7) contain Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) transmitters. A GPS receiver that has the WAAS system can use these transmissions to improve the accuracy of ordinary GPS satellite transmissions, or use the WAAS signal directly to estimate position.

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Dedicated GPS satellites include the Navstar satellite system from the USA, the Chinese Beidou system, the Indian IRNSS / NAVIC satellite system, the Soviet/Russian GLONASS/ Uragan satellites, the early US military Transit / Nova satellites, the EU Galileo satellite system, and the Japanese QZSS satellites.

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Navstar System

GLONASS / Uragan